Book Report Huntington, Samuel, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order Custom Essay

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Summarize the main ideas of the book in one or two paragraphs totaling not more than 200-300 words. What is the author trying to demonstrate or assert? What does the author say are the larger reasons that support his or her thesis? What reasons does the author give for the need to adopt the thesis of the book? This should be a value-free summary, i.e., it does not evaluate how well the author makes their case and whether you are convinced by it.
Source Analysis: Give a general description of the author�s sources and how they are used. Are they current in respect to the publication date of the book? Do the opinions cited represent a wide range of views? If some sources or authors are not mentioned, does the author say why they have not used them?

Critique: How well does the author make the proposed/intended case? Describe how the overall argument is structured, along with its strengths and weaknesses. What levels of data and analysis are used? Does the author use his or her evidence responsibly? Are there inappropriate rhetorical devices or emotional appeals? Does the author give proper consideration to evidence that does not support the thesis?

Other Reviews: Summarize the evaluations of other notable reviewers for this book.

Points to consider:
On pages 38 and 39, Huntington lists events in 1993 that illustrate the relevance of his paradigm. Do you agree that these events support his theory?
Can you think of other more recent events that might support his thesis? Are there recent events that you think show serious weaknesses in Huntington’s paradigm?

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