Brain tumour have impacted a girl life Academic Essay

I want to highlight that headaches shouldnt be taken lightly as it can be more complicated if it comes with other symptoms. Brain tumour have becoming a rising issue that many people are not aware about it as they assume brain tumour only affect older people but it also younger people and how general practioner (GP doctor) have taken headache as slight issue even when a girl explains her situation. Based on a life experience by Shivani d/o Sekar ,23 yrs old,doing her final year in SIM Global ( RMIT University) in Bachelor of professional communication Brain tumour Life before surgery One day out of no where I woke up suddenly because I felt a huge pain at the back of my head, I still remember it was one of the worst pain I ever felt in my entire life that even medication didnt make me feel better however after about 4 hrs later I felt much better. Thats the day where it all started to begin. I started to endure headaches every single day with an extremely throbbing pain that comes and go which lasted about 1 minure and it goes off comes by about 1 hour later, there were many days i felt so tired mentally and physically handling pain especially on those days that i worked as a part time worker in a media company. I realised as months went pass I didnt just have headaches but I started feeling very nausea in the morning whereby at times I even feel like fainting.Singapores hot weather just another contributing factor which made my head felt more pain whenever I had to walk under the hot sun. This happened continously for about 5 months then I realised I should just go to a polyclinic and see whats wrong with me. When I went to polyclinic to consult the doctor abt my pain all I got was a reply that says maybe you are stress with school or you might be having a migraine.I knew its wasnt an ordinary stressful headache cause my tolerance level was high and I dont usually complain about pain After visiting polyclinic 4 times I personally requested a referral letter to the hospital and I cleared remembered the GP saying you are too young to face any major issue all I replied was a smile I started googling clearly with my symptoms of throbbing pain, weakness in body , nausea and vomiting in the morning,coordination of movement and speech issues Google gave me an answer to my question that i was pondering for about 8 mths Answer: Brain tumour PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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