Brand Design Academic Essay

Brand Design Develop a new brand and visual identity Select a product category which, in your opinion, is in need of product and market development (focus on actual market potential). Having selected a product category and argued in favour of your choice, define the strategic framework for building a new brand within the product categoryin question and present ideas for a new visual identity which can support the value and raison d??tre of the new brand. The exercise consists of 4 tasks. TASK 1A Choice of product category and basic idea Briefly state your reasons for selecting the product category in question, and the market potential. Do a brainstorm about the possibilities for creative product development in the selected category, and then list the advantages and disadvantages of the various options. Scope: Max. 1?2 page of arguments in favour of choice of product category. Max. 2 pages showing your idea generation process. (For example, a picture/a sketch of a mind map or other idea generation techniques used.) Assessment criteria: Creativity/innovation, idea generation and process. TASK 1B Strategy Prepare a strategic analysis of the market and the outside world. Map out the current situation in the sector in question based on customers,competitors, culture and trends. Map out the future situation in the sector in question based on general trends,opportunities and threats. Scope: Max. 2 pages. Assessment criteria: Research, analysis and strategic abilities. TASK 1C Branding Define the framework for building the new brand in the form of a new branding platform, presenting your views on the fundamental raison d??tre and value creation of the brand. Also consider the lifestyle, needs and preferences of the target group as well as the media and platforms which, in your opinion, best match the target group. (Based on your market strategy considerations in task 4B.) PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET A GOOD DISCOUNT

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