Break a Social Norm and Record the Responses Essay

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Break a social norm and record the responses. Your first paragraph will explain your idea for breaking a social norm and how you will implement your experiment. The rest of the 2 total complete pages will be about your findings with specific examples and then write 1 paragraph of your conclusion about your findings.


Standing backwards in an elevator facing everyone.
Wearing the opposite gender?s clothing to work/outing? women wear a suit or shirt/tie or men can wear a kilt/?feminine? colors
MARDI GRAS (masks and other social norms being broken)
Woman (wearing a pillow) pregnant and smoking or drinking in a public place?
Either gender simply smoking in an open air area that has passers-by.
Acting or playing like a child?or other mildly ?inappropriate? behavior for your age.
Wear a medical mask in public, it is a norm for the Japanese to wear medical masks when they are sick and still have to go out.
Woman holding a door open for a man or other role-reversal behavior.

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