Budget and financial analysis for business plan Academic Essay

Paper details Budget: first explain whats already available (space, staffing, equipment, clerical support). Then briefly describe what youneed. The budget should be based on what you need. Do a budget for at least two yearsthis way you can show thedifference between startupcosts the first year, and operating costs the second and subsequent years. If your budget containsmore than a couple of items, create a budget table. Be sure to explain the table in the text?? dont rely solely on a table. Financial analysis: most of you will be doing a CBA. Your budget is the basis for the cost estimate in the CBA. If your startupcosts are high, its best to do a CBA for Year One and another CBA for Year Two, as your Year Two CBA will be morepowerful. To estimate benefits, figure out the reduction in LOS or other savings from your project for a year of operations. Ifyoure comparing the benefits of more than one product, youll develop a CEA. If your project generates revenue you might bedeveloping a breakevenanalysis PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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