Business analysis – developing solutions custom essay

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First of all the form is “Report”

you need to develop a solution based on the business problem assessed in Assignment One which i will upload with the additional files.


Can you please tell the writer to focus on the following part of the assessment:

– 5.3: Determine Solution Approach

5.4: Determine solution scope- this is where the solution is presented

– in the scope: people, system, processes within the organisation
– outside the scope: interact with unit, customers, clients, people from other organisation etc. other software systems, payment systems, databases etc. look at stakeholders; who are in scope, out of scope etc. list major features and functionalities of system chosen (solution). each function how it will interact with clients, staff etc.. MAJOR features and functions the solution will provide. what will organisation need; new pcs, training etc/? whatever it needs to be able to use it. USE cases, interface analysis etc.

5.5: define business case – only needs to contain the elements in 5.5.4. It does not need to go into detail, just demonstrate a consideration of both costs and benefits.

– look at 5.5.4. talks about 4 elements. demonstrate to marker you have considered each of these 4 elements. 4 elements include; benefits: gains to enterprise and how is it measured, in future can relate benefit and see if its achieved. Cost: no spreadsheeting, estimate of net cost, i.e. new software, new hardware etc. just estimate, developmental and implementation costs. no major working in cost section, just general estimate. Risk assessment: is there a risk in implementing this solution, is organisation bear that risk, risk can include, technical risk, financial risk, will it be viable. people may be resistant to change. cost of re skilling people, re organisational structure. measurement: statement to ‘ within 2 years expect more enrolments. decrease in cost 10% etc. whatever the business need is.

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