Business-Blue Ocean.

In our discussion this week, we are going to apply the Blue Ocean concept that was one of your assigned readings for this week. As the article explained, a “Blue Ocean” is a marketplace without competition. Companies that create a blue ocean are in essence creating an entirely new market, product, or service, thus there is no competition. Of course when a company finds a blue ocean and demonstrates the profitability of the market, they will attract competition. Thus, no blue ocean is blue forever. As soon as they attract competitors, then it becomes a red ocean. So part of the blue ocean strategy is to always be looking for where the next blue ocean is. Participate in a brainstorming exercise in the discussion. This is also an opportunity to be creative and innovative! First choose an industry, conduct some research on it, and then discuss the following: 1. Where might the next blue ocean be? 2. Are there companies that created a blue ocean, but it has attracted so much competition, that it has become a red ocean, and it is time to move on?

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