Business Development Proposal Custom Essay

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Select a business or business idea. It may be an existing business, or an idea for a business you would like to start. Provide a brief history and snapshot of the business, including what kind of business it is, how long the business has existed, how it got started, how it has grown, any major milestones. You should also include the estimated size of the business (employees, revenues, market share, etc). List and discuss the mission and vision, the competitive priorities,and the goals and objectives of the business. What is important? What are the guiding principles which direct the decision-making in this organization? What does the management structure look like? How centralized is the decision-making? The remainder of the proposal should be in the context of a major problem or business decision your business is facing (examples may be major expansion, introduction of new product line, budget cuts and layoffs due to economic recession and/or merger, initial public offering).The proposal should include the major problem to be addressed (eg, estimating profitability of a new product, what type of production schedule to run, how many workers to hire and schedule, etc). It would be good to also identify supporting analysis/decisions (identify only—don’t try to conduct an analysis here) which would support a final recommendation.

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