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Business intelligence professionals develop models used to give us insights about methodology, datauserrelationships, user interfaces, implementation strategies, and evaluation procedures. To ensure as much accuracy aspossible, they define variables, parameters, and functions that closely mimic the reallifeprocesses they wish to model (orsimulate). Your task is to develop a proposal for a computerbasedDSS/BI prototype using observed processes andvariables. The steps you must take are listed below. (See pages 85, 145, 216, 267, and 302 of your textbook for more specific detailsabout each step.)1.Select an area in which your DSS/BI will be used.What interests you in the area of business intelligence? What types of decisions would your prototype enable? Whatvariables would you need to define? What are the relationships among these variables? Are there any known formulasused to calculate outcomes? Consider the topics read so far in the text in the areas of mathematical modeling, technologyimplementation, analysis, neural network based data mining, and web mining.Example: A manager of an electrical plant is using a DSS to plan the allocation of generator power to various locationsbased on historical and forecasted climate data, local events, population size, and expected growth. How do algorithms,analysis models, and risk assessment influence the final decision process?Procedure: Communicate with your group mates and decide on a topic you all find interesting.Product: You must write 2 paragraphs explaining the processes and types of decisions you would like to model.2. Review case studies in the technical literature.Its important to read business intelligence journals to find out what types of systems already exist, what their capabilitiesare, and what their typical usage is. Familiarizing yourself with existing case studies will give you ideas for proposing yourown DSS.Example: For the topic above, read journal articles about mathematical models, decision making case studies, and industrybest practices.Procedure: The Potomac College Library provides access to over 3,400 periodical titles through its database. (Read yourcourse syllabus or contact the library for more information.) Each member of your group must read 1 journal article related PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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