Business Management Project Management Custom Essay

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1B: right in the first paragraph where you have indicated 2000 GBP as a figure and then wrote in () that it’s not the actual figure. The prof had a look at it and wants EXACT figure please 🙂 AND how did they decided to start this project, which as a result would turn out to be a successful project?? What aspects they looked into in this project? ie. Time scales, budgets and so on…

In 1C, please include examples of post project appraisal.

In 2A: under the section “advantages and disadvantages of a matrix structure”,, please explain how it impacts the chosen project?

In 2B: The question asks Explain how the human resource requirements were established for your chosen project.� So, please explain, what human resources we need, and how we will find it?

In 2C: under heading project leadership style please provide examples in regards to leadership and other aspects of leadership style.

3A needs a complete rethought of the question, please read the question again CAREFULLY and apply what it’s asking. the prof has suggested to please include IMPORTANT KEYS OF A PROJECT. IE. SCALE, BUDGET, PLACE, ETC.

In 3B, please include examples of grant chart

In 3C under heading “changes to scope and specification”, he said please provide solid and actual answers NOT generic. Prof has suggested to further explain, “if scope has changed, how did it change and what happened?

In 3E, under heading “evaluation of project success” please further explain how it could be better or gain more success in future.

The charts in the appendix, what tasks is that related to?? please explain.

And if possible to add a bit more references to the list.

Please take plagiarism seriously as my paper will be submitted to In addition, do read the the WHOLE assignment carefully and answer each question accordingly. Anything you write or choose must be related to United Kingdom. The organizations you’d have to choose are up to you, depending on resources you have available, but they have to be within UK or your answers should be based around that country.

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