Business Report sections Academic Essay

Paper detailsThis is a second draft idea to a course project so the writer who will be in charge of this paper I will use him again to completewhat he started, these are the directions it says for the objective of the whole thing : Complete product/service description,including the type of innovation represented and the source for the idea.Product/service offering and a description of benefits that customers will recognize and realize. In short, how does theproposed innovation create value. The material in this assignment covers sections 46listed in the outline, above.Competitive AnalysisSixtysevenpoints for completeness, including identification of specific competitor products or services and specific customerbenefits.Twenty points for correct format (see requirements in assignment description above) and a completed spelling and grammarcheck.THIS IS THE DESCRIPTION OF WHAT THE WRITER HAS TO DO FOR RIGHT NOW: Points awarded for description of theinnovationI WILL BE UPLOADING THE FIRST DRAFT SO YOU CAN REMEMBER WHAT THE PRODUCT WAS AND COMPLETE THISWEEKS PART. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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