Business Research Methodologies

011 Assignment 2: Literature Review You are required to answer both tasks below: Task 1: Undertake a Review of existing literature and research undertaken in the “field you selected in your answer to Assignment 1. (60% of word count) Task 2: a. Explain why it is important to review literature and existing research in the research process. b. Describe and evaluate the main sources of information for a Literature Review and justify your conclusions. (40% of word count) Guidelines for undertaking 011 Task 1 You will have selected a broad topic area, research question and research objectives in answer to Assignment 1. Task 1 requires you to investigate and report on writing and research already undertaken in the area, “field or domain within which your question exists. Task 2 For this you need to write an essay covering parts a. and b. to demonstrate that you understand the purpose of undertaking a review of existing writings and research in the research process, and also demonstrate that you can distinguish “good sources of information from the “less good. Detailed discussion of the above will be held in class lectures. ENSURE THAT AT THE START OF 011 YOU STATE THE RESEARCH QUESTION AND RESEARCH OBJECTIVES FULLY.

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