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The purpose of this task is to provide for you a platform to develop your own arguments supporting the discussion of the value of design to business, in this particular case within sustainable context.

As long as human beings are regarded as ?bad,? zero is a good goal. But to be less bad is to accept things as they are, to believe that poorly designed, dishonourable, destructive systems are the best humans can do. This is the ultimate failure of the ?be less bad? approach: a failure of the imagination. From our perspective, this is a depressing vision of our species? role in the world.

(Donough. W & Braungart. M, 2002)


Taking the life cycle model as the starting point from, examine the provided reading and offer your findings. In your process handbook, as part of your task series, illustrate how this school of thought is an opportunity for change to positively affect business. The provided reading is Chapter 2
Why Be ?Less Bad? Is No Good, Page 42-67 (first edition 2002)

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