Businesses’ Obligations with Respect to the Environment Custom Essay

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Final Paper Instructions Objective: Develop a view on businesses’ obligations with respect to the environment. Instructions: Write a paper in which you respond to the question: What are businesses’ responsibilities with respect to the environment? Develop a response that builds on concepts you have learned in this course. Your response should have four components: (1) Article Synopsis; (2) Statement of Your View; (3) Argument for Your View; (4) Analysis of Personal Experience. Your paper should also have an introduction and a conclusion. (1) Conduct outside research to find an article that describes an environmental issue faced by business, and summarize that article. (one page or a little more) (2) The statement of view is your position on the essay question and the issues raised by the article you summarized in part (1). (This is an thesis statement – around half page) (3) The argument for your view constitutes reasons for holding the position articulated in (2). To bolster your reasoning, you must draw on one of the readings assigned for the Sustainability unit and one assigned for the Values and Leadership unit. In addition, you must integrate ideas from one other reading that has been assigned in this course. Select readings that provide theoretical, rather than empirical argumentation. Your selection of readings will affect the quality of the argument, so choose carefully. (4) Hint: In developing your view, you might consider the following questions: Do businesses have direct obligations to nonhumans? Do businesses have obligations to future generations? To which stakeholders do businesses owe responsibility? What are the responsibilities of various stakeholders and other institutions? How does economic reasoning deal with the problem of businesses’ responsibilities to the environment? (5) In this part of the paper, you should describe personal experience that has shaped your view on business obligations with respect to the environment. Then explain how the process of rational reflection involved in writing this paper served to modify or challenge opinions you hold/held about business obligations based on that experience. (6) The introduction should be the roadmap of the paper. (more detail see grading criteria) Here is the grading criteria to make it more clear, Introduction (4 points): Clear and succinct statement of the paper question followed by a clear, well organized roadmap of the paper Article Synopsis (5 points): Clear, well organized presentation of the article, with meticulously rendered details relevant to the paper prompt and thoroughly considers a wide range of dimensions of the issue Arguments(10 points): Logical argument that draws on required and relevant readings accurately, reflectively, and compellingly, and prompt and thoroughly considers a wide range of dimensions of the issue Analysis of Personal experience (5 points): Clear, declarative statement of your position, rendered with meticulous and subtle detail Conclusion (2 point): Clear, compelling summary of the paper that opens the door to future discussion Sources for Values and Leadership (choose at least 1 source) The rise of trust and Authenticity Searching for the top (Stephanie Overman) Creating an ethical culture (Values Based ethics programs) by David Gebler J.D…-a0145467685 Deus Caritas Est: Justice and Charity, Benedict XVI Sources for SUSTAINABILITY (choose at least two sources) Business Grow More Socially Conscious “Declaration on the Environment” Caritas in Veritate: Chapter Four, Benedict XVI Sustainability success

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