bussiness research report Academic Essay

This is a business research report, and i will upload all the require documents that you need tofollow, you need to carefully read and follow all the instructions, and starting with the related articlein the first attached document. and draft the business research report of the company that you canchoose in the first attached document, it is a link in the bottom page. and you need to follow thestructure that the requirement says, that is also in the document that i uploaded, it is called Research Based Case Study and Report instructions. in the report, there should include a table ofcontent, Executive Summary , No conclusions or recommendations.List of references?ª? andAppendices, and last, You need to attach a copy of the relevant parts of the companys reports youhave used and referred to in your report. Do not attach entire report PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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