calculate the loss coefficients for the gradual contraction Academic Essay

1.The volumetric flow rateQthrough the pipesconnecting the reservoirs.2.The velocity of the water in each pipe and hence the corresponding Reynolds numbers.The secondary loss coefficientsassociated with the entry to thefirstpipe (kL1)andfinal reservoir(kL5)areshownin Fig. 1. You willneed to calculate the loss coefficients for thegradual contraction(kL2)and sudden expansion(kL4), using the data assigned to you. The loss coefficient associatedwiththe bends(kL3)is assigned.You will also be assigned values for theDarcy Weisbachfrictionfactorsfor each pipe,f1,f2andf3, as well as the lengths and diameters of the different pipes, and theangle ( ) to be used in conjunction with Figure 2. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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