Canada First Nations should return to self government

ASSIGNMENTYour second essay for this class is a research paper with a SIX page minimum. This paper will use FIVE different sources. Your assignment is conduct research on a topic that has a major effect on your life, and document your research throughout this paper. In researching for your essay, you must include at least two BOOKS and two SCHOLARLY ARTICLES. Other sources may include, but are not limited to: interviews (from TV/radio, or done on your own), surveys, newspapers, journals, documentaries, andNO MORE THAN ONE electronic source (this does not include scholarly articles that you find through the University Databases).All citations must be in proper MLA format. When choosing electronic sources, be sure to question the credibility of the source. Wikipedia is not a reputable source and should not be used.??.?YourResearch Questions should consist of the following: 1. What is your topic?2. Why are you interested in this topic?3. What do you hope to learn from your research?4. What question do you want to answer in this paper?5. List three more questions that might help you explore this topic. Your Research Presentations will be a short presentation to a small group in class. The assignment for this will be posted to Blackboard soon. ??.?BASIC REQUIREMENTSú At least SIX typed pages.ú Typed, double-spaced size 12 Times New Roman font, with one-inch marginsú Your name, date of the assignment, course number, instructor name, and the title of the assignment should be in the upper left hand corner of the first pageú Your last name and the page number should be in the top right hand corner of each pageú NO TITLE PAGEú Final Draft: Hardcopy in class and submitted to SafeAssignFORMATTING: Your essay will be broken down into FIVE SECTIONS each detailing a different aspect of your research paper. They are as follows (each section should be labeled this way in your actual paper):I. MY QUESTIONThis section will introduce your reader to your topic and why it interests you. You will identify the research question that you have chosen. Using the word I, as well as asking your research question are appropriate and even necessary in this section. (about one page) II. MY SEARCH PROCESSIn this section, you will write a narrative about the entire research process step by step. This means that while you are researching, you need to keep a detailed record of everything that you have done. This include every search term, every article read, etc. You will also describe all of the successes and challenges you faced in doing this research. You may use I in this section as well. The following is a sample of what this might look like: I started off by Googling my topic and did not have any success finding useful websites. I decided to talk to my parents to see if they had any ideas. They advised me to talk to the high school librarian which I did the following day. The librarian I spoke with directed me to some great resources which I found to be very useful in the completion of this project. (at least one page)III. WHAT I HAVE LEARNED??.?This section is going to look more like a traditional research paper, and thus I should not be used here, because you are going to be discussing what the experts on the topic are saying. In this section, you will write a formal introduction to the topic along with a thesis statement that argues for one side of the issue, you will focus on three or four of the major findings you came across in your research, and use your five sources to prove the points you?re trying to make. You should also have one paragraph on the counter-argument to your point. This will be the longest section of the paper. (at least two pages) IV. WHAT THIS MEANS TO MEIn this section, you will reflect on what you have learned over the course of this project. Think about the following: What have you learned in writing this paper? Did what you thought you knew about your topic match what the experts in your topic have written about? How will what you?ve learned affect your view on this topic in the future? These questions are just suggestions, and you can certainly explore things in any way you see fit. Once again, you can use I in this section. (about one page)V. ANNOTATED WORKS CITEDIn this section you will list your sources in proper MLA format and you will write a bit about each source you?ve used. For each source, you will: have a completed Works Cited entry, write a few sentences summarizing the article/book/source, a few sentences on he reliability of this source and its author, and a few sentences on how this source was helpful in writing this paper. (one paragraph per source/at least one page) ??.?

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