Capa’s Falling Soldier Custom Essay

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First of all, in number of sources i selected 1 which means you only must use Paul Preston’s reading Spanish Civil War chapters 1,2,3. Please dont use any other sources. Analyze the image itself, color, light, angle, people in it, what they mean and so on in order to explain how it represents some a particular facet of the history. (ex: total war etc…) if its total war or not. Get really specific, each paragraph focuses on a different aspect of the image. (ex:what is it do that a child with black coat standing in front of frame), historical aspect of spanish civil war explaining how the image illustrates aspect. ANALYSIS NO SUMMARY.In analysis you gonna get symbolism. analytical conclusion. Avoid a big chunk of anything that simply tells that is true without giving information why is true, what is it mean. EX: Description of photo, what this description mean and why its there. ALSO: A) Prove X is true about the war. (whatever aspect we choose we need to prove that it is true about the war) In order to prove we need to cite the history book, use quotes. Supporting Evidence from preston (history text) B) Need to show how how Y in photo illustrates X. (Where these aspects of photo tell me exactly how they illustrate point on X which is in A). C) Tell me why it matters. (Visual, means why the photo maters) This was the instructions provided by the professor. So essay should be MLA style. There should be only 1 source which is Paul Prestons’s reading Spanish Civil War first three chapters. Use at least 2-3 quotes from there to prove the points or that relate to the image. For Example, it should be some historical quotes or something that relates to image. The essay should be analysis not a summary or anything like that and please plagiarism free. I will upload an image and also you can view the iamge here: the name of the image is spanish civil war falling soldier by capa. i will provide you with image also once ill get the login information to attach it. thank you and one more thing it should be Exactly 2 pages FULL. no title name or anything like that needed. 12 point times new roman and 1 inch margins. would be good if it will be word 2003 document cause i dont have 2007. I ordered a similar essay couple weeks ago and i want one more but i dont want you to use that essay whoever wrote from your company. I want totally different one from that one please.Please use Paul Preston’s “Spanish Civil War” first three chapters.

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