Career Exploration in kinesiology

Career Exploration Assignment Directions: For this assignment you will be exploring TWO careers within the Kinesiology field that are of interest to you. For each of the two careers that you choose, your job is to answer each of the questions provided. Your answers may follow each of the questions, and do not need to be in a formal narrative paper. Please write in full sentences. Note: This paper will be submitted through the D2L TurnItIn plagiarism software. Thus, make sure you are doing your own work, and not copying from the internet. Career #1 1. LIST the name of the career that you chose. 2. What are the academic and clinical training required to practice in this career? 3. Does the career require any special certifications and/or licensing (National vs TN)? 4. What is the typical population/clientele that this career works with? 5. What some hard & soft skills are required for this career (LIST a few for each)? – Hard & Soft Skills Defined: Hard skills are specific, teachable abilities that can be defined and measured. By contrast, soft skills are less tangible and harder to quantify. Examples of hard skills include job skills like typing, writing, math, reading and the ability to use software programs; soft skills are personality-driven skills like etiquette, getting along with others, listening and problem solving. 6. What appear to be the primary motivations of people that choose each career? Career #2 (Repeat questions above) Resources: (US Dept of Labor- Statistics) (Dept. of Labor)

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