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Each student is assigned a Student Case to prepare and submit for class. This case paper should
not exceed 8 pages….excluding any appendix items (charts, financial analysis, etc). The purpose of the
“Student Case” analysis is to enhance the depth of discussion on cases each week and provide students with
the opportunity to reflect your capability to develop a case analysis in a very concise format. All case writeups
will cover these six areas and be graded according to the case rubric:
1. Problem Statement
2. SWOT Analysis (at least 4-5 points on each)
3. Develop Alternative (at least 3) Note Pros/Cons of each
4. Recommendation (Weigh one alternative against the others to rationalize to the reader as to why…above all other options…you selected it as the BEST one.)
5. Brief Marketing Plan
6. Supporting analysis/financials (can be part of the appendix)
The paper should be in paragraph form with the use of headings to note key sections and areas. Use the
case outline as a guide for content areas (see attached) and the rubric for key grading areas. You do not need to cite the
book/case as well as use any outside sources.
Helpful Suggestion:
One of the greater challenges students face is how to develop a good problem statement for a case. Here is one
framework to help you develop it in the form of a question….
“Faced with ABC (i.e. declining sales , eroding market share, etc), how can Executive and/or COMPANY
[Insert Names] effectively address/leverage/overcome/etc PDQ in an effort to improve/achieve/attain XYZ (ie.
certain specific financial targets, operational goals, and/or customer-product objectives) by Q (ie. year, 18
months, etc) time frame?
Aside from this primary problem or opportunity, they must also deal with or address [state any secondary
issues] in order to [explain the related impact or alignment to the primary issue/opportunity]”

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