Case Questions Essay – What are the main characteristics of Chinese Culture Essay

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1. What are the main characteristics of Chinese culture? How do they differ from the
predominant characteristics of U.S culture? How do these differences relate to the negotiation
process? (12 marks)
2. Negotiations between Electrowide and Motosuzhou failed because of four key criteria for the
selection of a JV partner were not met: Strategic complementarity, compatible operating
policies, communication, and trust. Using the case study, critically evaluate these. (8 marks)
3. Evaluate the composition of Electrowide’s team. Did the company make the appropriate
choices for the negotiation? Give reasons for your answer. (10 marks)
4. Suggest three strategic alternatives to Tom Sherman and advice him on what needs to be
done before any future international negotiations by Electrowide. (8 marks)
Good use of the English language, presentation, structure and referencing (2 marks)
TOTAL (40 marks)

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