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Assessment Task 2 Case Study
You are a consultant with Strategy Inc, a firm specialising in providing advice on organisational strategic direction to large national and international companies. You have just finished a project, had a holiday and have arrived back at work fresh and keen to start a new project. Select one of the following case studies.

Case Study 1 Big Mines

Big Mines is a large mining corporation exporting to 23 countries. It has several large active mines and a number of leaseholds under investigation. Gold is the primary mineral mined. The company has grown and expanded rapidly, acquiring a number of smaller companies. The culture of the company is still very frontier and ad hoc. Although the company continues to make record profits, there is a growing perception in the critical investment community that the company is a bit too ‘Gung ho’ with growing resource wastage and falling productivity.

Case Study 2 Big Builders

Big Builders is a construction firm operating along the east coast, specialising in large apartment projects. It has been booming for a number of years and has expansion plans for other parts of the country and the global region. Big Builders has had plans for a stock market listing on hold for the last 12 months. The current private owners (all members of one family) are concerned about recent banking and political talk of a crash in the inner city apartment market.

Case Study 3 Big Brakes

Big Brakes is a manufacturing company that provides brakes to the automobile industry worldwide. It has around 5% of the world market for small car brakes, and has built its market on being an innovator of new materials and systems that provide a better product. Big Brakes has developed a new braking material that meets all environmental requirements and is virtually indestructible. This has ramifications for the whole automobile industry. The company listed on the stock market about 2 years ago and the Board is concerned that the company is vulnerable to a takeover from one of the major players. Such a takeover could be aimed at suppressing the new product so as to protect and maintain the current market balance. The major shareholders (the original owning family) have built the company with a strong ethical and loyalty focus. They are concerned that the current workforce will be made redundant by any takeover. They need to decide if, how, and when to release the new product and how to protect the company position in the process.

Case Study 4 Big Bread

Big Bread is a national franchise of bread retailers. It has over 500 stores spread throughout the country. Some stores are owned independently, some (about 45%) are company-owned. It has been expanding at the rate of around 100 stores a year for the last three years. The Board believes that they are rapidly approaching saturation at a national level. Further expansion at the same level could cause a market share battle, which the company may not survive. Although they are one of three big organisations in the industry (with around 25% market share), the major competitors are owned by multi-nationals with almost limitless resources and a reputation for ruthlessness if their market share is eroded. The Board needs to decide whether they should enter into a period of consolidation or if expansion into regional markets is feasible.


The purpose of this assessment for this Unit is to provide you with an opportunity to analyse and evaluate a workplace situation and deliver findings in written report formats.

You will need to choose a workplace case study from the 4 above. Use one of these case studies to develop an organisational strategic direction report and other minor reports. You will be required to research organisational mission and vision statements and then develop a mission and vision statement for the case study organisation.

Develop a draft organisational strategy statement.

Research and examine the external environment of the organisation and develop a global trends report identifying future opportunities and obstacles for the case study organisation.

Develop a competitive analysis report for the organisation and include any potential joint venture opportunities. Develop a questionnaire aimed at gathering input on the capabilities of the organisation from stakeholders. Results from this questionnaire will be incorporated into a capability report.

Complete an organisational strategic direction report .

please write about case study 2 Big Builders or write about easiest one that you find.

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