Case Study – Boeing Aircraft Company Custom Essay

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The objective of this first assignment is to review some of the early Management Techniques discussion in the course and which are being used in an organisation via a case study. This is an individual assignment.

Read the Boeing case study and answer the following questions: –
1. What were the problems facing Boeing at that time?

2. Evaluate the leadership styles between “Shrontz” and “Condit”.

• Your answer should be presented in the form of a report which should be approximately 1500 words long.

• The appropriate use of diagrams, although not essential, is a useful skill to develop and will help you to keep to the word limit.

• You must use concepts from the relevant lectures provided (and from your own research elsewhere should you wish).


1. Clarity of the brief, description of the Boeing organisation and the identification of the initial problems.

2. Analysis of leadership styles of the key players discussed.

3. Quality and accuracy of bibliography/referencing in accordance with the Harvard system.

To gain a distinction grade, the report must be in the correct format and have an appropriate numbering system, etc. It should explain fully how the concepts could be applied to the Boeing Aircraft Company case study.

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