Case study for management information system 201 course Custom Essay

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Dear writer ( saviour)

Things you should know …

I am a sophomore in university so please put yourself in my professors shoes and be reasonable with the quality, don’t make it look like it’s a professional who wrote it and at the same time please make sure it’s well written, if you know what I mean … Just what you would expect from a university student at my level. The assignment I need done is; Case study for management information system 201 course Custom Essay.

I am going to attach the guideline to my paper that the professor has given to us + the case study needed + the text book we use for our current course as he may want us to reflect what we have learned in this course and not go a lot beyond it.

Please read the guideline carefully and honestly thank you for your help in advance.

Oh yeah at our university, the professors use a complicated system that can discover plaigarasim in seconds so please be careful to reference everything.

Last note :

Please don’t make it too professional I am just a B+ student sophomore great English level . I am just worried that the professor would suspect that it’s too good to be written by me. Yet I wanna get a good grade and again thx for your help and sorry if I’m being confusing.

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