Case Study: Pizza Rush Academic Essay

Considering the nature of the scandal facing Pizza Rush, the objectives of the public relations campaign will be to change attitudes, inform, and promote goodwill. Based on these objectives, the theme of the campaign will be to engage with the customers in a way that restores the publics initial perception of the brand. The campaign will involve application of a range of PR strategies and tools such as creative design, advertising, and branded journalism. Branded journalism will include news writing, blogging, and use of social media. Current trends in public relations and recent developments in communication will greatly influence the campaign. With the traditional press release becoming increasingly ineffective, emerging news outlets such as social media platforms will be integral for communication. Quality visuals will also be included in the campaigns messages as a way of getting the attention of popular journalists and media outlets. Content amplification will be equally important as it will help get more eyes on the messages relayed. In addition to this, the campaign will need to include an effective online reputation management strategy to ensure potential customers get the appropriate content about the brand. The campaigns audience will be young consumers and the professional middle class. There are several attributes of this audience that will need adequate consideration for the campaign to be effective. Firstly, the target audience highly depends on technology for information about brands. Use of advanced technology in relaying messages will therefore be essential. Secondly, it is critical to note that most members of the target audience, especially young consumers, socialize while consuming. Understanding this social behavior will be integral in restoring the brands tarnished reputation. There are several options that the campaign could explore. Among these options include media relations and publicity where the campaign targets to sell its brand to the media through such ways as product reviews, new articles, and interviews. The campaign could also focus on holding special events carrying the PR theme. Equally, the campaign could consider focusing on public interest and image building by exercising social responsibility. Before proceeding with planning, the above campaign options will need to be presented to crisis management organizations CEO as well as the director of media relations. Briefing the two on the various options available will provide the firms management with an opportunity to assess the feasibility of each option in terms of cost and outcomes. Section B The objectives of the campaign will be; PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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