Cause/Effect Analysis of American Short Stories

Choose one of the stories from your American Short Stories anthology . Read it carefully, then write a two paragraph cause-effect analysis that: 1. States the author and title of the story. 2. Identifies the key event in the story. 3. Discusses the cause(s) of the event. 4. Discusses the immediate effect(s) of the event. 5. Discusses the long-term effects(s) of the event. 6. Uses examples and quotes to support the analysis. ***Avoid logical fallacies including: -Post hoc cause (Because A occurred before B, A caused B). -Questionable Cause (Because A and B are associated, one caused the other). -Reversal of cause and effect (The cause and effect stated are actually the reverse). -Inconsequential Cause (The cause stated is a minor cause). States the theme. *Remember: causes and effects can be difficult to see. You must consider the following as possible sources for causes and effects: Back-story Psychology Society Environment Political climate Dialogue Internal monologue

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