Changing Concepts of Family and Marriage Academic Essay

This Anthropology assignment consists of a 10-page paper on changing concepts of family and marriage. Paper guidelines One of the most important components of your paper is the introduction. In this section it is important to consider the question: From what perspective are you approaching your topic? In addition, if you are dealing with a particular problem or issue, make your position clear. Overall, take the time to develop a well-organized introduction that will form a strong foundation for your essay because the introduction plots a course for the rest of the paper. The main body of the paper follows directly from your introduction. This portion of the paper will be easier to deal with if you organize it in specific sections. While it is important to present a variety of positions for your analysis, do not try to cover too much. For example, if you decide to write a paper on gender diversity, you might focus on a comparison of gender diversity in two groups rather than including all the examples that you can find. Your paper must include not only a description but also a critical analysis of your topic. The conclusion is a synthesis of the points and concepts you have covered in the main body of the paper. What are the implications, theoretical or practical, of your arguments and findings? The conclusion also relates to the introduction in that it should demonstrate that you have accomplished what you set out to do. Again, be clear and concise in your summation. Use original sources for the material that you incorporate in the paper. The Internet is a good source for ideas, but you must always verify material gleaned from the Internet unless the material is taken from an online recognized, peer-reviewed journal. Please be very critical of Internet sources that do not specify where the information originated. All material used must be referenced, whether it consists of an actual quote or whether it is simply the idea of another person. For referencing, please use American Psychological Association (APA) style. Please proofread your paper carefully. A paper full of spelling and grammar errors will be marked accordingly. Keep a copy of your original paper. Grading criteria for paper Criteria : MarksIntroduction is clear and concise : 3Paper is well organized : 3Discussion is clear and to the point : 5Good conclusion : 3Critical analysis : 5Sources used : 3Referencing in text : 3Communication of ideas : 3Editing : 2 Total: 30

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