Chapter 1 Review “The New Machiavelli” by McAlpine.

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Chapter Review on The New Machiavelli

  1.  Choose a chapter of The New Machiavelli by McAlpine
  2.  Your paper must have an introduction and conclusion.
  3.  Your paper must be at least two full pages (typed, double-spaced)
  4.  Summarize the chapter in two paragraphs.
  5.  For the rest of the paper, critique the chapter, addressing these questions:
    •  Does the chapter accurately reflect Machiavelli’s philosophy?
    •  Does McAlpine apply Machiavelli’s thoughts to business well?
    •  What examples does McAlpine use from the business or corporate world today?
    •  What is your overall impression of the chapter? What did you think was worthwhile in this chapter?
    •  In your discussion, use two quotes by Machiavelli from the chapter as well as two quotes by McAlpine. Make sure you are clear on whom you are quoting – Machiavelli or McAlpine! Cite the pages from the book!

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