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character letters I need to write a character letter for my best friends son. I included some specifics about myself and his family. You can add anything to it if you think it will help him. His sister is suffering from autism, and his mother passed away 6 7 months ago, his father is 65 so if anything happens to the father, his sister has nobody to support her, so I would talk about this if you think its gonna help him. I also attached the instructions. I am student at University of Texas at Dallas studying Criminology (sophomore)I also work at CVS in Melissa, Texas part time as a shift supervisor.I have known Mr. massoud Monshizade, Sohails father since 2011. He was my coworker at Cardinal Health. we became close friends since then and I have gotten to know the whole family since then. I also worked with sohail Monshizade at Snap Av in Carrollton, Texas summer of 2015 (seasonal job). Thats where I got to know sohail even better. he was a hard worker, he was always ontime. he was so kind to other employees, he didnt mind helping others and go beyond his responsibilities to help customers and his coworkers .he always asked for extra hours and he didnt mind working longer hours. he talked about his family he was always worried about his father being have to work too much. he use to tell me that he needs to work harder and find a good job so he can start supporting his family, and get ready to support his sister in case of absence his parents (since she is suffering from Autism) he told me he wants to be supportive for his family. you can add anything that you would think will help him PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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