Choose an authentic text and analyse its register and genre to identify the most pronounced language foci. Design a second language (L2) lesson on the basis of your analysis custom essay

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A). Find an authentic text. This can be anything except something that is printed in a
text-book for L2 teaching/learning. The ideal length of a text would be 100 ? 150
B). After you have chosen the text, conduct a register and genre analysis of it using
the templates that you have used already for your first task.
C). Determine the following/think of the following on the basis of your analysis and
i. What are the most pronounced language foci in the text?
i. Learners with which proficiency level would benefit most, if you use this
resource for them in an L2 lesson. Use the ISLPR resource to do this.
ii. What could be taught (lesson objective) using the identified language
iii. How many steps or stages would you need to implement in a lesson to
achieve this objective?
iii. What is the language focus of each of these steps?
iv. What exactly do you want to teach through each of these steps/stages?
How does each step/stage contribute to your overall lesson objective?

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