Classics English Literature Essay

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For this essay, you will be offering ANALYSIS and DEFINITION of a chosen topic for your readers. Here is a more specific explanation, with two possible areas from which to choose your topic:

1) Take a word or phrase from another language or culture that doesn’t have an accurate equivalent in English. Clearly define this word or phrase in the context of its original culture and try to define its equivalent in English. For example, Americans have chosen to adopt the French phrase savoir faire because we could not replace it with a catchy English equivalent. Americans also refer to the Asian concept of “saving face,” but most Americans only have a vague idea of what this really means. Someone familiar with Asian culture could explore the deeper or more numerous meanings of this phrase in its original culture compared to the shallower meaning it carries in English.

2) You can also take a word or phrase used by a particular culture within the United States and highlight the differences in the understanding of that concept between groups of Americans. Most typically, this will be slang, but it may also take the form of jargon, regional idioms, or euphemism (we’ll cover these in class).

For whatever term you choose, your first job is to clearly define this concept for your reader by making it accessible and interesting to them (avoid jargon, overly technical and boring terminology). Think of yourself as a bit of an expert on this subject, whose job is to make this idea clear and interesting to your general reader. The best way to accomplish this is to show your reader why you think this subject is interesting or important, and to make them see this subject in a way they never considered before. You might think of yourself as a translator, taking specialized terms and ideas and relating them to your reader in more understandable and interesting ways.
I will need this essay within the deadline, I will appreciate if you can finish the essay faster, and also I’ve done a rough draft before, and I choose to analyze the word “dog”, because in my home country Indonesia, there’s a different meaning in the word “dog”. I will upload my rough draft so that you can understand more..thank you

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