Climate Change Custom Essay

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Assignment 2: Adaptation
1) Submission instructions
1. The assignment must be no more than 3000 words (not including references, tables and diagrams).
2. This assignment is worth 50% of your total mark.

2) Questions
Write a Draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy 2011-2051 for the built environment* and infrastructure** on Australia’s Gold Coast that:
1. Briefly summarises the expected physical impacts of climate change on the built environment and infrastructure such as higher temperatures, sea level rise, changes to rainfall, greater coastal erosion, increased frequency and intensity of extreme weather events (such as heatwaves, droughts, storms or floods), etc.
2. Identifies the key stakeholders within each level of government, as well as the business, community and media sectors.
3. Outlines an appropriate consultation process with all these stakeholders.
4. Allocates priority adaptation actions to each of these stakeholders.
5. Explains how a range of policy instruments will be deployed to support these actions in a way that is appropriate, effective, efficient and equitable.
6. Establishes a mechanism to coordinate, implement, evaluate and manage the policy instruments and priority adaptation actions proposed by this strategy.
7. Includes an introduction, main body, conclusion and references.
* The built environment includes areas with buildings that accommodate housing, retail, entertainment, commercial, industrial, government organisations or community groups.
** Infrastructure includes structures associated with energy, water, sewerage, waste disposal, transport, communication, public spaces, education, welfare, health, emergency services, or community services.

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