clinical pharmacy MM Academic Essay

Dear sir/madam,This assessment is composed of two written case studies in which you are required to identifypotential/actual medication related problems, then document the findings of their clinical review,together with their proposed actions and recommendationsSo please critically answer 2 cases each one has three question as below based on the file undername (managing medication related problems) which will guide to answer the questionsSubmit each case under the following headings:1. Potential and actual medication related problems (MRPs) supported by evidence2. Prioritising of the MRPs3. List of the 3 most relevant MRPs with recommendations for their managementRegarding question 1, kindly list the actual problems then potential problem?? DONT mix themPlease look at marketing criteria carefully while you answer the 2 cases and focus on proficientsection ONLYFormat:Include a cover page that includes the following: Unit title Assessment title, submission date Your details: name and student numberUse Arial 11 font?? margins 2.5 cm?? THREE pages limit per case excluding the references whichshould be Vancouver style( use in?text citations and references). Refer to https://lgdata.s3?website?useast? for details.You will a case with sample answers so please follow same structure but with different answersYour findings might be differ than me , therefore, I recommend to tell first your finding briefly beforecontinuing writing to avoid reviewing because I answered the questions but I want to see youranswersPreferably, If you could send them once you find out and I will have a look on them then I wouldgive the green light to continue writingUsually different people have different opinion while answering and analyzing like these case,therefore, I might change some of your answers and replace them with different onesDONT follow the presenting words as I dont have limit of words?? you may exceed the limit of thewords, therefore, kindly ask me to pay extra for extra wordsUse updated peer articles ( less than 5 years only or 7 years as a maximum) and dont forget to add(doi) for each article in the reference page, and also you choose up to 7 reference as minimum forEACH caseUse these books please?? Australian medicines handbook 2016, Therapeutic guideline, clinicalpharmacy and therapeutics, MIMS, stockleys drugs interaction, micromedex, and you can websites asAmerican heart associationAlso you can use another credited references you preferred PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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