CLP (Course Learning Project) Assignment Custom Essay

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1. I want you to answer each CLP concisely, without sacrificing correctness, concreteness, and completeness (hence, 1-2 paragraphs per section; 2-3 pages total). If I didn?t put in these kinds of guidelines, students would be turning in five, 10, even 15 pages per CLP assignment; or some might just turn in one or two sentences. Now, if you should write a little more (or a little less) than required, no foul. These are guidelines.
2. It doesn?t matter to me whether or not you single space or double space; just make sure to use paragraphs when you introduce new ideas. Usually it’s good to double space in between paragraphs to help avoid “reader fatigue.” If you decide to include end notes or a bibliography, follow APA style.
3. With regards to opinion vs. research?.the very nature of the questions posed in these CLPs suggests that good, documented research always trumps when developing a plan, but…. you certainly can include your opinions as to whether or not you agree with your findings, and/or if you have other good marketing ideas and suggestions for your product/service/brand. Finally, regarding what type of product to choose: well-known, top brand Monopolistic consumer products will probably work best but….if you want to do a service or business-to-business product/service, that’s fine, too. Look ahead to the summary outline of different sections of a marketing plan on pages 476-477 to see where this series of CLP assignments is going. Pick a product/service (brand) for which you’ll be able to research a lot of information and enjoy writing about.

This CLP (Course Learning Project) assignment is the first of six formal written assignments that you will be asked to work on during the entire length of this course. Each mini-paper deals with a different section of a marketing plan (see chapter 18 for more details).
Here are the INSTRUCTIONS:
You are to choose a well-know consumer product/brand that, in your opinion, satisfies a market opportunity or need (perhaps your own). Briefly (one paragraph) describe as best you can the quantitative (ROI, profitability, risk level, etc.) and qualitative (nature of business, social responsibility, etc.) screening criteria that are relevant to your selection.
In a second paragraph (or two or three), briefly identify and analyze any external favorable and unfavorable economic, technological, political, legal, cultural, social, and other environmental factors and trends that may impact the product-market you’ve identified.
Finally, briefly discuss possible segmenting dimensions such as demographics, geographics, etc.), as well as the potential size (number of people, dollar purchase potential, likely growth), and any key psychological and social influences on buying.
To fully understand these instructions (and to have a chance to do well on this assignment), you should familiarize yourself with chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 in your text. Also, if you want to see where you are going with this series of CLPs over the next several weeks, look at chapter 18 in your text, particularly the chart on pages 478-79.
Note: Over the duration of this course, you will keep the same brand you’ve chosen and further investigate through additional weekly mini-papers the competition and marketing research required, as well as a brief company analysis. Therefore, it will be helpful to you if you pick a product of a company with an existing web site. Also, you will look more closely at the product itself (in terms of branding, packaging, life cycle, etc.); its physical distribution (i.e., channels such as direct, indirect, wholesale, retail); its promotion, including advertising, sales, publicity, websites, etc.; and finally its pricing strategy (including price sensitivity, markups, discounts, allowances, etc., etc.).
Much of your information can be gained by primary observation and investigation, as well as a lot of thorough secondary research via various library and internet sources, as well as any product/brand-related websites, etc. Of course, you should tie-in to textbook concepts where and when you can.
Don’t agonize over these assignments. When you are finished with all six papers of this course learning project (CLP), you will have a summary outline of a strategic marketing plan.
Keep copies of all your papers. Because these are formal papers, mechanics (i.e., spelling, grammar, paragraphing, etc.) will count. If you find a source that helps you with your thought process be sure to cite your source (i.e., “According to …..”). Also, rather than bog you down with end notes, if you really find an excellent source refer to it in your paper and include a hot link to its file.

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