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College application essay . i was only five when my mom dad .one day my mother said to myself and my brother who was then 3 we are moving to new york to live with our grand parents .i was young to know the difference between hawaii and newvyorl but excited to see my grandparents because they visit us in hawaii few times. Big changes for me bundling in a lot of extra clothing and the memories of hawaii not able to go to the beach and park when i want to because of the cold. Dispite all odds my grandmother was extremely loving, caring ,nurturing person filled my heart with the missing link. Elementary was goid but 5th grade was the best my teacher believe in me and graduate with honors. Middle school was both great and sad i achived a lot i was in honor classes ,honors band and graduate with honors. I even play the base clarinet for graduation but was sad because my grandmother was ill and hospitalized soon after my graduation she passed away. My world has changed . i still manage with the help of my mom to start high scool. My first year i got platinum and had honor in my regions bio and geo. 10 grade became a stuggle i started to miss my gradmother more she would always stand at the door waving goodbye. My mom was busy woking and studying so my life revloved around my grandmother losing her was painful.i started to suffer with migrains and this took a toll in my grades but with the encouragement from my mom i keep pushing. I manage to get all honors in the regions. My sat is not what i expected but i was very sick when i took it. I am looking forward for college i want to something better i want to have a good job dipite all the set back i am really looking forward for college . i am presentlyvin the engineering program . my strenghts are math and sciences. I know for fact if i keep woking hard i will able to achieve my desire goal. For every dark cloud there is a silver lining. I am look forward for college. Help me these are my ideas. PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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