College Essay – About Myself Essay

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Any experience or combination of experiences can define your adolescence as you relate it to who you sense you are or who you sense your becoming. using some elements from the survey(attached below) write an essay about your transition from youth to adult hood. what did matter? how did the stages of age (from 10-13 or 14 and 14-17) change for you? why? retell events and ancedotes, describe relationshi[ and explore pivotal moments survey

Favorite activies : ages 10-13….baseball(used to play in the backyard with my brother and practice hitting…many neighbors had broken windows which we had to pay for. and basketball ages 14-17 baseball, had the opportunity to play all over the country in summer baseball with NorCal Baseball Organization. This opened many doors for me. weight lifting and cars once hit 16 seem to be target for tickets because of my loud exhaust. It seems like every time I get in my truck I get pulled over for either loud exhaust or tinted windows.

Favorite music: ages 10-13 country ages 14-17 country( tim mcgraw, kenny chesney) and hip hop(eminem )

Favorite TV shows: ages 10-13 fresh price of bel air 14-17 house

Favorite Movie : 10-13 toy story 14-17 fast and the furious

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