College Essay – Ageing and Gerontology Essay

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This is an online discussion on normal ageing processes, story will be shown as follows.

George is 85 years old. He believes himself healthy and active other than he has had pain om his RIGHT knee for about 3 months. He went to see his docotrs. Geogrge asked Dr. P why he has this pain on his knee. Dr. P said, "Because you are 85 years old, George. I will give you some pain killers. You don’t work anymore so the pain should settle down with these tablets". George said, "Thank You Dr. P. But will you please explain why my LEFT knee which is also 85 years old deesn’t hurt a bit?"

1. Explain George’s pain om his right knee in relation to at least one theory of ageing

2.Demonstrate understanding of biological, psychological and sociological normal ageing processes.

-I shall suggest George is suffering from Osteoarthritis (OA knee).

-Please use references within 8 years.

-Please don’t directly copy from Google/ other internet websites as my University has a system to check directly copying from the internet sources or from others students’ assignments.

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