College Essay – Decision of Uncertainty Paper

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10. Individual Assignment: Decision of Uncertainty Paper

• Identify a health care organization that must make a decision.
• Identify what decision must be made and whether or not to pursue a course of action given the likelihood of different outcomes.
• Locate data and apply probability concepts, such as confidence intervals, point estimates, or Poisson distribution, to recommend a decision.
• Refer to the Student Roadmap for an example.
• Include appropriate probability concepts and your application of them to find resulting data to limit the uncertainty in this decision.
• Include a rationale for the chosen concept.
• Identify each discrete outcome from your statistical analysis, providing rationale for each.
• Identify tradeoffs between accuracy and precision required by various probability concepts and the effect on your data.
• Include the decision you recommend based on statistical data.
• Format your paper according to APA standards.

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