College Essay: Summarize the Reasons Why you Think Steve Reinemund’s Approach to Diversity was Successful Essay

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This assignment 4 pages I attached 2 reading and references, you can add another from the internet, at the end of these four pages you but the references you used.
Complete this assignment after you have read this week’s lecture material and the Pepsi Co case in the class pack. I would like you to summarize the reasons why you think Steve Reinemund’s approach to diversity was successful and the lessons you think can be learned for this approach and potentially applied to other organizations. Please complete this assignment in the four pages.

Second assignment:
This assignment one page in total;
1- Answer this question in 1/2 page: If you look up most of the Fortune 500 businesses on the internet you will find a Diversity and Inclusion statement. How confident are you that these organizations are actively managing. I and not just advertising a statement as a marketing tactic? Do you know of any diversity success stories that you can share with the rest of the class?

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