College Essay – Washington Square and The Heiress Essay

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Watch half of the movie “The Heiress” by director William Wyler. Read the novel Washington Square by Henry James. There is identical dialogue in both of them but there are also some differences on which you should focus on. Choose one “difference” you have observed to analyze in a 3 page essay. You might single out an interpolated scene of dialogue, an actor’s interpretation of a particular character or the way that character’s lines and behavior have been altered in the translation from the page to the screen. In the first pp provide your reader with the context for your comparison; mention author and novel, screenwriters and film, and how the two works are related. Summarize the basic story in a few quick sentences. By the end of your paragraph state your thesis: in this case, state one specific way the film differs from the book and indicate briefly why you think this difference is significant. The remainder of your essay should be your analysis of the ways in which the change oyu’ve noted affects the viewer’s/reader’s perception of the story or characters in the film as opposed to the original novel. Each paragraph should have a topic sentence. You can watch “The Heiress” in parts on There is no more additional info I can provide to the writer.

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