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Please post one (1) comment on the KORAN and one (1) response to someone else’s comment here. Some things to think about and review for your “Discussions” postings on KORAN this week: 1. There is a lot of bad publicity about the Muslim Holy Book, the KORAN these days, including many misunderstandings of it and inaccurate readings of various parts of it. Based on any preconceived notions of the Koran you may have had, how does reading KORAN itself, even this small part of it, differ from what you may have expected? 2. Would you say the Koran is more or less remote in tone than the Old and New Testaments? Why? 3. What is different (from either the Old or the New Testament) about the way the Koran addresses the reader in particular? 4. Read the “Introduction” to the KORAN in your book, also. You may have noticed that the KORAN does not follow a strict chronology, but is arranged by topic, e.g., “The Table”. Other suras (chapters) are named things like “Women”. Why do you think the KORAN is structured this way? Does it perhaps have something to do with the way it was received, at two different cities, Mecca and Medina, over a period of several years, by the Prophet Muhammed, the founder of the Muslim religion? 5. What other thoughts, questions, or observations do you have about this text?

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