Communication Dashboard Project- Chase Bank

Instructions My communication dashboard project is on Chase Bank. This is a 2-part assignment. I have already finished the first half of the assignment and you have to do the second half of the assignment. MAKE SURE THAT YOU READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY. IF YOU DONT READ THE INSTRUCTIONS PROPERLY THEN YOU WONT BE ABLE TO WORK ON THIS ASSIGNMENT. Here are the instructions as follows: 1. Read the first half of the assignment thoroughly to get an idea about the second part of the assignment. 2. I am uploading an example of jetBlue in the attachment. Read and analyze the example thoroughly for your better understanding of the assignment. The second part of my assignment will be similar to the example. The only difference is the organization. Other than that, the format and content will be the same. And of course, you have to write everything in your own words. DO NOT COPY PASTE ANYTHING FROM THE EXAMPLE. Use the example as a guide. 3. After reading the example, study my Chase KPI matrix, which will also be in the attachment. Basically, the KPI matrix is the meat of the assignment. I have three communication objectives, which I have measured in the KPI Matrix along with Output KPIs, Attitudinal KPIs and Behavioral KPI. I have done all the research and analysis from The second part of my assignment will be focused on the KPIs. (Look at the example for reference). 4. After reading the first half of my assignment, example and Chase KPI matrix, then you will go to Measurement tools and key data document. Before you open this document, make sure you do some research on Chase for your better nderstanding. 5. When you open the document, you will see a survey analysis. I have conducted a survey on survey monkey and I have analyzed all the questions of my survey. You DONT need to analyze the survey questions as they are already done. I designed my survey questions aligned with attitudinal KPIs (Go to Chase KPI matrix for better understanding). 6. After the survey section, thats when you will start working. You will analyze the heuristic assessment. I have done the chart and the graph so basically you have to analyze the chart and graph. (Look at the example in the attachment for heuristic assessment for better understanding) Make sure that you analyze the chart and graph in more details. Basically, for heuristic Assessment from a scale of 1-5 (1 being the least effective and 5 being the most effective) I have scored the following, which is the chart. I have compared Chase with Bank of America. The rating is out of 50. I have made a comparison aligned with my output KPIs. 7. When youre done with the heuristic assessment analysis thats when you will start working on the analysis of results and recommendations for improvement. This is where you will analyze all the data from the survey to heuristic assessment aligned with my 3 KPI objectives, which are Generate revenue, Maintaining brand loyalty and providing up to date information (Look at the example for better understanding). 8. The final step would be to write recommendations. Make sure all recommendations are aligned with the analysis of results and attitudinal KPIs. Take screenshots from the Chase website to support your reasoning (Look at the example to get an idea).

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