Communication Essay – All about Jackass Essay

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A media critic tries to understand why something works, how it works, and what effects it has on people. With this in mind, here is your final project. Choose a television series that you enjoy watching.

Begin by evaluating television advertisements that promote this series. What information does this give you about the show? To whom is the promo directed? Does it communicate what the show is really all about?
· Next, begin your research by investigating the genre. Where does this series fit in historically?

· What impact (if any) does the stars and the audience that watches the show?

· What does the hour it is shown and the number of people watching this show indicates? In other words, do your research.

Now study the program with the following in mind. Critical analysis in television tends to focus on 2 categories. The first deals with the Industry itself. There is the time-slot rivalry (other channels), technical innovations, production costs and deadlines, and the constraints put on shows from government or advertisers.

The second deals with the interplay of audio, video and narrative elements to uncover the modern mythos, symbolic representation and ideologies that constitute American culture.

Using what is listed above and what you learned from this class, write a 3-4 page essay on this television series or film classic using one specific show to demonstrate your analysis. Make sure you use your texts for this class as a reference as well as at least two outside critics in your discussion. You will then prepare a short 5 to 10 minutes lecture that you will present to the class on the 13th- 15th week of the semester. This lecture should include a short video demo to enhance your critical analysis

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