Communication in Organizations Custom Essay

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Using evidence from articles (attached)if you find anything it is not required to use them (but avoid pligarism), and your personal experience, to address the following questions: (I do not need essay, I do not need introduction or abstract or conclusion, just answer them to the point : and make refernces APA style:

Question 1: What is the importance of communication in effective leadership?and successful teams?and organizational culture?
Question2: What types of issues can arise from poor communication?
Question3: How might you change your communication in order to be a more effective leader and follower or a team member?
Question4: Do you think the ideas about communication from the readings or your experience apply to the UAE? Why/why not? Are the communication needs in UAE organizations unique from other cultures? How?

Leadership, Enhancing the Lessons of Experience Author: Richard L. Hughes, Robert C. Ginnett, Gordon J. Curphy; McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 7 edition (2012).

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