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Paper detailsOur recent readings and class discussions have focused on the issue of race in America.While few would dispute that there still remains room for improvement in race relations in the United States, some arguethat legal protections that were enacted in the middle part of the last century are no longer necessary (affirmative action, theVoting Rights Act). Others argue that some protections are still necessary, but the tools should be modified. Still othersbelieve that race still matters a lot, and all of the legislative protections should remain in place and properly enforced.Included in the Project 2 file on Blackboard are several articles that can be used as writing prompts*. They touch on issuesof race. Select an article and respond, or use the concepts in one or more of the articles as a means of invention, anddevelop a thesis on a related issue of interest to you.*The purpose of writing prompts is to make you think. Read the articles. React. Do research regarding the issue. Write your essay. DO NOT merely parrot the opinion of the author of the writing prompt article. Indeed, you might find the position take to bewrong or inaccurate.Objective:1. Draft a written argument that demonstratesa. A clear, concise, controversial claimb. Relevant, wellorganizedsupport for the claim, includingi. Persuasive support for the claim that demonstrates1. Accurate analysis of the issue2. Constructive framing and language choices3. Appropriate use of grammar and syntaxii. Logical, subtle sequencing of ideas through welldevelopedparagraphsc. Conclusions logically supported by the analysis PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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