Communications and Media workplace crisis communications plan. custom essay

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1. Fitch says that in Washington he was allowed to work as a government employee and campaign for his boss if he did not do campaign work on the clock at work. What are the rules regarding government employees and campaigning for political candidates where you live? Research in terms of general categories only.
2. Do you think the prohibition against actively supporting a political candidate is a protection or a violation of citizens’ rights?
3. From your readings and what you already knew, what is your understanding of the role of the leak, especially in Washington, DC? Do you know of its use elsewhere? Can you recount a famous “leak” other than those Fitch includes in your text? If you look up leaks on the Internet remember not to quote Wikipedia or other sites that have little or no editorial oversight.
Continue to observe strict confidentiality throughout the course.

And, yes, you can mention political races. Just keep your comments nonpartisan–which is quite a departure from most of what we often hear all around us.

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