Comparison between Hijazi Accent grammer to English grammar Essay

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This paper is for English grammer class. It requires us to first write a brief history on the Hijazi Arabic dialect. then requries to do some analasys on the grammer of this dialect. to show the diffrences and similarties between it and the English language grammer. through the research we have to submit a writen text of the accent and trnslate it to English, which i have done in the attachment. it also requires to do a tree structure on the sentences submited and some related topic on it as appeared in the Term paper guidline attached. please make sure to do good in this paper because it count for 25% of my overall grade. I prefer to let an Arabic person to work on it, so s/he can understand the sentences posted.

Term Paper Guidelines
During the course of the semester, we covered and will finish covering a number of
topics from which you may choose any one theme or sub-theme and explore it in much
more details; topics may either relate to English or to any other language of which you
have a degree of mastery. You could also conduct a comparative study where you
examine ways in which another language would express items similar to the ones we
examined in English. The comparative study may investigate issues related to the
sentence structure, verb types, tenses, aspect, mood, and negation of the two or more
languages, and draw a number of conclusions based on the observed similarities and
differences. Not only does this deepen your own understanding of the issues under
investigation, but also expose you to your own mother tongue, an opportunity which you
may not want to miss. As for the topics, they may include but not limited to the
1. Sentence structure 2. Prepositional Phrases
3. Verb types 4. Mood
5. Tense 6. Negation
7. Aspect 8. Noun Phrases
9. Adjective Phrases
While preparing your term paper, please bear in mind the following:
1. You should have a literature review section in which you summarize a number of
sources (3 to 5) which had already dealt with the same issue or very similar
issues. The studies you would review can relate to either the language you are
examining or any other language. The focus in this section is the previous
research done on the topic you are addressing. This part will also give you access
to a number of ways with which you could address some issues directly or
indirectly related to your topic.
2. The second section of your research should include the details of the results of
MB/Term Paper Guidelines/ENG 224 Page 2
your own finding. This section is three to four pages long (apart from the tree
diagrams) and includes the major and minor issues you had examined and
discussed. You are advised to examine a text of your choice, 700 to 1000 word
long, take note of the relevant structures you observe, analyze them, and classify
them on the basis of the literature review results.
3. Your introduction should clearly state the topic you are discussing and the
purpose. In addition, it should include your plan of development (i.e., the issues
you will be addressing) and the thesis statement.
4. You conclusion has to include a summary of the major issues you examined and
discussed in addition to a statement that echoes your thesis.
5. As for the in-text citations and the bibliography, please make sure to use the APA
style. See your course documents for relevant guidelines.
6. The research presentations are scheduled during the last weeks of classes, that is
week 15, 16 & 17. The term paper is to be submitted through i-learn’s safe
assignment anytime between December 26 and January 10. No paper will be
accepted after the deadline.
7. Finally the paper may be single authored or co-authored. In the second case, you
should let me know in advance, devise the work, and include on the paper cover
page who was responsible for which section.
8. As for length, single authored papers are 7 to 10 page long, while coauthored
papers are 13 to 17 pages long.

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