Complete Policy Advocacy Challenge

Complete Policy Advocacy Challenge 8.3 in Jansson on p. 268. Take any social agency with which you are familiar( HUD-VASH) Los Angeles, CA. and choose one of the policy options listed in Table 8.4. The policy options are in the first column of Table 8.4 (ex, Using intensive rather than extensive services). Discuss how the administrators and staff of the agency have wrestled with that option and what solutions they have chosen in the context of trade-offs. If possible, interview some agency staff about their choices concerning the option; otherwise, use your knowledge of the agency to speculate about the possible trade-offs they had to consider when they made their choices Required Texts: Jansson, B. S. (2014). Becoming an effective policy advocate (7th ed.). Pacific Grove: Brooks/Cole/Wadsworth. ISBN-13: 978- 1-285-06407-9

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