consideration of the history of world civilization Academic Essay

Paper detailsThis is an opinion paper and I have represented that I am an atheist, so please right the tone of the paper from someonewho is not religiousQuestions and points to addressWhat are some specific elements that create the gap?What are some of the reasons that may be advanced in favor of interreligiouscommunication and understanding?What are some of the commonalities among religious belief systems that might form a basis for communication? Do thedifferences among various religious belief systems outweigh the commonalities?Should the cultural diversity stemming from such differences be valued and maintained, or should attempts be made toovercome or even erase some of the differences that make interreligiouscommunication difficult?In the body of the paper, support the position you take in your thesis?? support may be in the form of facts (historical, political,aesthetic, sociological, psychological, etc.), statistics, expert opinion and argumentation, personal experience, logicaldeliberation, and so on.It is a good idea to bring in specific examples of religious beliefs and attitudes and refer to particular historical or currentevents to illustrate your supporting points or premises.Additionally, in a separate section of the paper, first present, and then respond to, at least one other possible position inresponse to these questions. Typically, this will be a position in opposition to yours, but it may simply be an alternative view PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT

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