Constitutional reform custom essay

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(( Please don’t copy and paste from any of the sources or from the internet. Plagiarism is a very big problem))

This assignment requires you to write an argumentative essay based on the available sources only (no additional sources allowed). The topic for this assignment is constitutional reform.

Peter Russell (Chapter 54 in Essential Readings) distinguishes between Burkean and Lockean styles of constitution-making, saying that Canada has traditionally taken a Burkean approach but in the late 20th century tried a more Lockean style.

In your view, is a Burkean or a Lockean style of constitution-making better suited for Canada? ( Please feel free to write your view on the topic but please make sure to not write phrases like the writer thinks or believe just go with I think or believe)

the essay must take a clear position on the above question and argue for either the Burkean or Lockean style. It should be 1100 words long and MUST HAVE A CLEAR THESIS STATEMENT. ( Please make sure to make the thesis statement as clear as possible)

It should also address, in some way, the following additional questions:

-Does it matter that Quebec (province in canada) has never agreed to the 1982 constitutional reforms?
-Was the pursuit of the failed Meech Lake and Charlottetown Accords a terrible idea?

The essay should be based on Essential Readings in Canadian Government and Politics and Canadian Politics: Critical Approaches. Outside research is not allowed. ( the required chapters and lecture slides will be attached)

You may find the following essays in Essential Readings particularly useful:
in additional to the main chapter which is chapter 54

-Chapter 48 The Night of the Long Knives
-Chapter 52 (A. Nol) anada: Love It or Dont Leave It!
-Chapter 55 (S. Choudhry) Constitutional Change in the 21st Century

Essays will be graded on their ability to put forward a clear thesis statement and to answer the assigned questions, appropriate and engaging use of sources, and the general organization and coherence of the arguments. Spelling and grammar are also important. (PLEASE make sure to follow the instructions carefully)

– Please quote when you want to write something from the sources.
– Please be very clear in your argument and view of the topic.
– Please make sure to answer the questions clearly.

Please divide the essay into sections, introduction, thesis statement, distinguish between the Burkean and Lockean styles of constitution-making, the argument, your view, agree/disagree, reasons, conclusion.

Please check files here:!355&authkey=!AI0xWClj8WMvb38&Bpub=SDX.SkyDrive&Bsrc=SkyMail

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